So, hi, this has been dead

Yeah, I kind of forgot this existed. But I really want to do something with this website.

I’ve thought about making comics, or recording myself telling stories and posting them here.

So, hi, this has been dead. Oh, but now, it’s a zombie.

All zombie jokes aside, I’m drafting a comic book series for it. I’ve also changed the theme, I’m redesigning my site logo, and I’m going to try to do stuff, because, I don’t know about you, but I’m really bored, and apparently people follow this.

Wings of Fire (Series by Sutherland) upcoming release

The Poison Jungle, the thirteenth book in the wings of fire series is coming out on July 30. Are you excited? I sure am.

One of the things I told my friends I would do if I ever had a blog would be to post my theory for what’s going to happen in the next book .

I came up with this when I read the first book of the third arc (The Lost Continent)

The first part of my theory was the LeafWings all lived in the poison jungle. I turned out to be right, and I got a little excited.

Here are some questions that (hopefully) will be answered in the upcoming book

What is Sundew’s role in the LeafWing tribe?

On page 267 of the Hive Queen it says

” ‘Are you a part of the warrior force’ Swordtail asked. Sundew made one of her inscrutable faces ‘ Sort of. I’m…kind of my own pod.’ “

Page 267 of the Hive Queen

Sundew mention Willow a couple of times in the story

“I don’t know why Willow wants to save your tribe…I’d throw you all in the sea if it were up to me.”

(Page 197 of the Lost Continent)

Since it isn’t up to Sundew, we can assume Sundew is not the LeafWing Queen.”

Yet at the same time, various cryptic remarks from Belladonna (Sundew’s mother) and Sundew herself have led me to believe Sundew has some importance in the LeafWing Tribe.

She can’t be the Queen, because if she could be queen, Belladonna could be queen, unless her father was the one with royal blood. However, since the fate of the SilkWings is up to Willow, we can assume she isn’t in line for the throne, and Willow is the Queen/heir

And now, side tracking a bit.

When Cricket, Sundew, the unconscious Swordtail and Blue’s cocoon are in the the caves, the following snippet of conversation is said by Sundew.

“… And I get it; I have one true love, too “

Page 21, the Hive Queen

When I read that, my mind went crazy. (And Cricket’s did, too) I figured that Sundew’s true love would be Willow, because when you love somebody, you find yourself talking about them all the time. My hypothesis makes sense because Sutherland (Author) has already included a few LGBTQ+ characters in her stories (Anemone, maybe Tamarin, Snowflake, Snowfox)

My hypothesis was furthered by the WOF wiki page on the poison jungle, which says that “This book will be the first in the mainstream series to have an LGBT+ protagonist.”

Thank you for reading! I get a little passionate about WOF, though I don’t really know why. Time will tell if my theory is right. For more random awesomeness, subscribe.

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This blog, without a doubt, will not be organized

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